2018 Fall League Fees

Currently Rugby Colorado has the registration open and the Costs are as follows:


303 Rugby has a flat fee of 30$ for all players.

The 303 fees will cover  field rentals, team expenses, included gear, etc 

For U8 Flag (rookie): 

USA Rugby Rookie Membership ( current Expires Sept 1)  $5

Rugby Colorado Rookie Membership  ( Yearly, current Expires Sept 1)  $50

For U10 + Up Tackle

USA Rugby Membership ( current Expires Sept 1)  $25
Rugby Colorado Membership Fall   $45 ( Fee is per session Fall/Summer)

You must have your child registered through Rugby Colorado to be eligible to play in any matches. Even 1 unregistered player would nullify any insurance claims or coverage for the entire club.

If cost is an issue to playing, you can register your child with the Scholarship coupon code at checkout:

code: 303TRY2019

and the relevant codes for Rugby Colorado:

TRY30355 for U8

TRY30365 for tackle