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Middle School 15's Spring 2019


303 Rugby Club will not be managing a formal team this season due to some additional hurdles.

You can however register through 303 Rugby  to be able to participate in the new Middle School 15's format this year. Our team fee is only 5$ to cover admin fees. Additional USA and Rugby Colorado fees may still apply.

There may be other teams that will have standalone trainings, but they will not be needed to participate.


From Rugby Colorado:

In the spirit of the game, and in an effort to provide fun, safe, playing time for kids at all ages and levels, we will be adding an option into the Middle School Rugby format.

Every Monday Night Rugby event will have coaches and support staff available to organize and get middle school kids playing rugby!


While there will be some established teams, we will organize teams on the day to give all kids the opportunity to play. This applies to both BOYS & GIRLS.


All you need to do is register with the middle school team closest to your area and show up to Monday Night Rugby for fun, safe, structured rugby games!

Monday Night Rugby Dates
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