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The Power of Parents

"Many hands make for small work" is absolutely true in rugby! As coaches, we would like nothing better than to “just coach"; however, there is so much to do. We need help to put a successful team on the pitch every week! Can you donate time to help with the following important tasks this upcoming season?


1. Coordinate a parents meeting before the season starts, to organize and recruit help

2. Be an advocate for rugby with the school administration and the powers that be

3. Create/maintain a website for the team/club

4. Compile a broadcast email list of parents / players

5. Organize, collect, distribute and maintain data

6. Manage the financials for the club

7. Wash jerseys every week

8. Identify sponsors who will support the club with water, $, food, jerseys, etc…

9. Fundraising: Bake sales, selling t - shirts, concessions

10. Become certified as a coach and help coach!

11. Coordinate travel logistics for away games

12. Form a Parent Booster Club

13. Line the fields and put up goal posts for home matches

14. Replenish the Med Kit with necessary supplies

15. Contact your local media to get coverage on TV, radio and newspapers

16. Be a positive influence on the sidelines during matches - DO NOT let other parents badger, taunt or belittle referees.

17. Volunteer to be the equipment manager for the club

18. Coordinate water / refreshments / snacks for game days



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